Mitchell Ginsberg, Ph.D.


Tantra is many things to many people. One approach to tantra. which we teach, sees it as a theory and related practices which return us to -- and have us recognize -- the spirituality within us as living beings and as partners in awe-filled intimacy with another.

We are deeply respectful of the sacredness that is present in sexuality at its most nourishing and healing levels. Relatedly, our teachings emphasize the integration and harmonization of our sexuality in all of its aspects. These include its physical, genital, energetic (as in energy moving in the body, rising kundalini, or opening cakras/chakras), its emotional, interpersonal, intimate, healing, inspirational, spiritual, sacred, divine, enlightening, fulfilling, and its peace-bringing dimensions.

Our teaching stresses the respect-filled, heart-filled holiness that is our human potential -- the potential to which we are led by the marriage of the powerful awareness and gentle caring represented in Tibetan Buddhist yab-yum statues and thankas.

Practical instructions and exercises we use help in the development of the open, loving, unrushed, vibrantly alive heart of mindfulness. This consciousness is then applied to rituals whose intimacy and intensity are beyond our usual experience of sexuality, giving us a taste of what the tradition has called the highest ambrosia (as in the text Vijnana-bhairava Tantra). These teachings and practices include the five modalities of touch, the heart of mindfulness meditation, the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine Rituals, and the Puja of Love and Honoring.

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