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Mental Health


Mental Health

This page will introduce some ideas and some links about mental health and some related issues (including something on my work and theoretical orientation in the domain of psychotherapy) that may be of interest. Links are provided with further discussion and information about web sites that provide related reading for those wishing to investigate particular topics further. For a more general introduction, go to theHome Page here (top item on the menu on the left).

For more information on my orientation, inspiration, and focus of work, along with more general discussions about the field of psychotherapy, see Psychotherapy, Reflections for Couples, Professional Links, and the further links given at those web pages.

As a preview to this fuller information, with external links: in the Western psychotherapeutic tradition, I have been strongly influenced by the perspectives of Hellmuth Kaiser (see also here), Friedrich Nietzsche, Maurizio Andolfi (see also here), Louis B. Fierman (see also here), Ronnie Laing (see also here), and Loren Mosher (see also here), and, in the Thai Theravada Buddhist Vipassana Meditation tradition, by V. R. Dhiravamsa, formerly Chao Awas (Abbot) of the Thai Buddhist Mission to Great Britain, where he was known as Chao Khun Sobhana Dhammasudhi (see also here), and by Burmese meditation master Mahasi Sayadaw.

On the power of a systematically cultivated awareness and mindfulness practice, see mindfulness practice or insight (vipassana) meditation.

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